WOW what a night! Jay Cutler returns triumphant, capturing his third Mr. Olympia title, while Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson fight it out for second place with only a one-point difference between their scores. Jay Cutler (1), Branch Warren (2), Dexter Jackson (3), Kai Green (4), Phil Heath (5), Victor Martinez (6), Ronny Rockel (7), Toney Freeman (8), Hidetada Yamagishi (9), Moe Elmoussawi (10), Melvin Anthony (11-tie), Silvio Samuel (11-tie), Gustavo Badell (13), Dennis James (14), Markus Ruhl (15). Also appearing: Troy Alves, Darrem Charles, Martin Kjellstrom, Bill Wilmore, Dennis Wolf, Joel Stubbs, Michael Kefalianos, and Ahmad Haidar. See every pose from the Olympia, and the exciting new “Mano a Mano” feature which lets YOU pick any two men from the top 6 and your DVD player will match them up pose-by-pose, head-to-toe, so you can judge for yourself! Plus you get the complete coverage of the 202Showdown: Kevin English (1), David Henry (2), Eduardo Correa DaSilva (3), Mark Dugdale (4), James “FLEX” Lewis (5). Also appearing: Jason Arntz, Clarence Devis, Kris Dim, Charles Dixon, Daryl Gee, John Hodgson, Tricky Jackson, Stan McQuay, Lee Powell, and Jose Raymond. FOUR FULL HOURS OF MUSCLE!