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Nasser El Sonbaty - Working At A Gas Station - WTF????????
today i just visited nasser el sonbaty's website. and in it theres pics of him working at a gas station. boy i was surprised. back when i was working out in the late 1990's he was among the top bodybuilders out there. like dorian yates, shawn ray. i remember reading muscle and fitness and seeing articles and pics of him doing dumbell rows with 200 pound dumbbells. now i really haven't been up to date with bodybulding since the early 2000's until recently. i was shocked he's not in mainstream bodybuilding anymore. i thought he would doing what dorian yartes and shawn ray are doing right now. making money in the health and fitness indusrty - not working at a gas station.
Nasser El Sonbaty - Arbeitet an einer Tankstelle - wie bitte ???????

Heute habe ich Nassers Webpage besucht und auf dieser sind Bilder von ihm wo er an einer Tankstelle arbeitet. Man war ich überrascht. Als ich noch trainierte in den späten 90er war er einer der Besten BB, wie Dorian Yates, Shwan Ray. Ich kann mich noch erinnern als ich eine Muscle & Fitness gelesen habe, da war ein Bericht über ihn wo Bild von ihm waren als er Kurzhateln drücken mit 200lbs machte. Jetzt habe ich realisiert das ich seit 2000 nicht mehr up to date bin. Ich war schockiert, das er nicht mehr in der BB szene aktive ist. Ich erwartete das er das machen würde was Dorian oder Shwan machen und zwar Geld in der Health & Fitness Industrie zuverdienen aber nicht an einer Tankstelle arbeiten

hier noch eine Artikel von Nasser (Buch)


The Book

The following is a synopsis of the new tell-all book by Nasser El Sonbaty and David Robson. The Truth Behind the Muscle:
The Nasser El Sonbaty Story

By: Nasser El Sonbaty and David Robson

For 16 years the world’s largest professional bodybuilder – Nasser El Sonbaty – trained to beat the world’s best, and succeeded many times. With over 300 pounds of sliced and diced muscle on his symmetrical physique, Nasser dominated the bodybuilding world in his own remarkable style. Now his story has been told. Is this just another ‘bodybuilding book?’ Far from it! As with the life he has led and the body he has built, Nasser’s story is simply in a class of its own and does not hold back. As bodybuilding’s most outspoken athlete, Nasser has always told it how he has seen it: his defiance and forthrightness has won him many admirers, but also caused much controversy. For the very first time, the industry in which he competed is placed under the microscope and none of its main players are safe.

Traditionally a business that keeps a tight reign on its secrets, with what happens behind the scenes and on the stage usually staying there, professional bodybuilding’s unsavory aspects are often suppressed. Those days are well and truly over. Being as close to the action as anyone, Nasser has spent much of his life observing the oftentimes-corrupt nature of a sport he devoted his every waking moment to and the sordid nature of an industry that, at its very heart, holds many dark secrets. A full-disclosure account of the professional bodybuilding industry served with cutting wit and remarkable insight, “The Truth Behind the Muscle: The Nasser El Sonbaty Story” is the first book of its kind to explicitly and definitively detail the struggle a top line bodybuilder faces in his quest for competitive success. The drugs that are used to attain the professional bodybuilding physique (including Steroids, Growth Hormone, Insulin and Diuretics) will not be glanced over: every aspect of the bodybuilding drug culture (both performance enhancing and recreational) is fully documented and explicitly detailed.

Along with the never-before-read insights it contains, “The Truth Behind the Muscle” also provides the complete recipe for how to achieve – with cutting edge training and nutritional information – physical perfection naturally. At once a revelatory “tell all” on the bodybuilding industry and “how to” manual on gaining phenomenal strength and muscle size, this book will, with each turn of the page, shock, inform and educate. It is destined to become a classic.