Iris Kyle: What keeps you coming back show after show? What else do you hope to achieve in the fitness industry?

Being in a sport that does not compensate you a third what is deserved obviously must have other great benefits and reasons to remain apart of it, not to mention being the pinnacle of the sport itself. Two reasons, really: first, I'm passionate and love my sport, and secondly, inspiring others to stay healthy and to reach for the unattainable—never settling or accepting defeat, knowing dreams don't have deadlines.
Do you feel like it's time to let someone else take the spotlight or is there even a "retirement age" for a sport like this?

Age is only a number, and being a part of an individual sport indicates that it is obviously all about you as an individual—and until I feel my drive, motivation, and God's gift of spirit and talent has vanished, only then will my days expire.

Ashley Kaltwasser: After taking 10th at the 2013 Arnold Classic, you've been winning pretty consistently. What changed? Your mentality? Your training?

After taking 10th in 2013 at the Arnold, I took a close look at myself to see what I needed to improve upon. I then worked on minor details and polished up my overall package.
We'd also like to know if you're putting any pressure on yourself to win again. Like, how competitive are you?

Yes, there is much more pressure on me this year. At last year's Olympia, I wanted to place in the top ten. Now, I want to make history by being the first woman to be a repeat Olympia champion. I am a super competitive person. As long as I can remember, I was always super competitive in any sport I participated in.

Nicole Wilkins: Your physique looked absolutely amazing last year at the Olympia—better than it ever has. Can a person improve from that? If so, what specifically are you trying to improve?

Well, my goal this year is to match my previous conditioning. However, I would like:

  • My lats to be slightly wider.
  • My waist to be a little smaller.
  • My glutes to be a bit rounder.
  • A tighter glute/hamstring tie-in.
  • My calves to be slightly bigger.

[Editor's Note: Best of luck in Las Vegas, ladies!]